Post-Pandemic Business Planning: The Importance of Pre-Decision Services
What will your employer’s post-pandemic business planning require? The United States has seen two months of unexpected employment increases, far beyond expectations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment situation over the past two months reflects:
  • Nonfarm Payroll Employment Increasing by 2.5 million
  • Unemployment Rate declining to 13.3%
  • Nonfarm Payroll Employment Increasing by 4.8 million
  • Unemployment Rate declining to 11.1%
A Returning Workforce Requires Thoughtful Post-Pandemic Business Planning
Many employers are currently making plans for their returning workforce. They may need to develop new workspace configurations in order to limit COVID-19 issues. They may also need to hire new employees, develop a robust talent acquisition program, or arrange for short term domestic assignments.
Post-pandemic business planning must take into account a variety of issues and factors that many employers have not ever thought of, let alone have expertise in. Operating a business in the aftermath of COVID-19 requires significant measures of research, analysis, and thoughtful approaches to solutions.
Pre-Decision Services Help Employers Understand the Issues of Importance
Employers focusing on talent acquisition as part of their post-pandemic business planning should work with a Relocation Management Company with knowledge and experience in pre-decision services. As the original pioneer of the benefits of pre-decision services, Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) can help employers understand the issues of importance to new hires and transferees. GMS offers a wide range of pre-decision services including candidate assessments that help clients assess the circumstances of prospects who are likely to succeed.
Candidate Assessments Provide Valuable Information for Post-Pandemic Business Planning
Candidate assessments provide valuable information for employers as to the expectations of new hires and transferees. New workspace configurations and requirements should be clearly communicated during the pre-decision phase. Questions and feedback from candidates and transferees will provide a valuable source of input and guidance for an employer’s post-pandemic business planning with respect to COVID-19 planning and hazard reduction efforts. With respect to post-pandemic business planning, pre-decision services provide several benefits for clients by:
  1. Clearly identifying a candidate’s issues, concerns, and questions
  2. Completely eliminating any risk of non-acceptance
  3. Minimizing policy exceptions
  4. Increasing the accuracy of budgets
  5. Providing cost savings for the client
  6. Increasing job acceptance ratios
  7. Streamlining the candidate’s orientation to the new location 
How can GMS Help Your Company’s Post-Pandemic Business Planning?
GMS has the knowledge and experience to help your company understand how to identify issues and learn about useful resources. GMS’s team of domestic relocation experts can help your company learn how to use information gathered during pre-decision services to enhance post-pandemic business planning.
As a result, we can help your company develop robust plans during its post-pandemic phase of operations. This will help maintain your competitive position in the marketplace for highly skilled and qualified talent.
What Should Employers do?
Employers looking to enhance their post-pandemic business planning should work with an experienced and knowledgeable Relocation Management Company (RMC). RMCs are ideal sources for information on corporate relocations, workspace setups, pre-decision services, and many issues specific to each employer’s needs surrounding new hires, transferees, and talent acquisition.
GMS’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped many of our clients determine how to identify specific needs of new hires and transferees through pre-decision services. Our team can help your company determine how leverage information gathered from new hires and transferees to enhance its business planning process.
GMS was the first relocation company to register as a “.com.” The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation® technology platform.
Learn best practices from Global Mobility Solutions, the relocation industry and technology experts who are dedicated to keeping you informed and connected. Contact our experts online to learn more about how your company can leverage pre-decision services to enhance its post-pandemic business planning, or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.
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Updated: September 28, 2022
Updated: September 28, 2022
SafeRelo Remarks
Relocating in these times can be stressful and challenging. Help and guidance from a friendly GMS professional that goes above-and-beyond is the difference between a relocation gone wrong and one that is remarkable. Below are some comments showcasing GMS' high-touch level of customer satisfaction.
Christian penned: On our first call with Randy, she told us that she would be with us through the entire process of our relocation and would be there for us. This was absolutely true. Our process took many months but Randy was a quick email or phone call away every step of the way. She remembered all the details of our move and made it as smooth as possible all with a sense of humor. She was truly a pleasure to work with.
Christina wrote: Carroll was the best part of my relocation process. She is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, sweet, and so supportive. I moved during Covid and lived in the same place my entire life so you can imagine this was traumatic. Carroll kept me on track and guided me the whole way with kindness humor and diligent follow up. She called me just to check in and see how I was doing. She is a gem and you should know what a true professional and wonderful person she is.
Sage said: Jennifer is awesome, she made a very stressful process move so smoothly, especially during a pandemic!
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