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1/15/2021 |
  • By way of a new Decree, the Vietnamese government has clarified certain provisions of the new Labor Code, which will impact the issuance of Work Permits, Work Permit Exemption Certificates, Work Permit Extensions and Cancellations. The following changes, among others, will come into effect on February 15, 2021:
    • Experts and specialists applying for Work Permits will need to have at least five years’ work experience and meet other requirements if they do not have at least a bachelor’s degree and at least three years’ work experience in a field relevant to the job position;
    • Foreign nationals entering Vietnam for short-term assignments will not require a Work Permit if the assignment is less than 30 days per trip and does not exceed three times per year;
    • Spouses of Vietnamese nationals will no longer require either a Work Permit or Work Permit Exemption Certificate to work in Vietnam; and
    • Employers/host entities will need to report all foreign nationals who are exempt from work authorization to the government.
1/15/2021 |
  • CBP border restrictions permitting only essential travel across the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico land borders will be extended through February 21, 2021. The restrictions do not affect air travel.
  • Essential travel includes travel by U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and foreign nationals traveling to work in the United States, among others.  
  • Visa Waiver and other business travelers may face additional scrutiny at the border. 
  • “Non-essential travel” at land borders is not permitted, which includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature.
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Relocating in these times can be stressful and challenging. Help and guidance from a friendly GMS professional that goes above-and-beyond is the difference between a relocation gone wrong and one that is remarkable. Below are some comments showcasing GMS' high-touch level of customer satisfaction.
Juan said: Ana, through her incredible support, listening capacity and anticipation of my needs, always promptly resolved my doubts, additional unplanned requirements due to this pandemic by COVID. Global Mobility Solutions is definitely a company with the know-how, structure, personnel and suppliers that provide excellent service in corporate mobility needs.
Christine said: Moving can be very stressful and even more so after coming out of a tornado a month ago and trying to relocate during a pandemic. Kim was always calm, reassuring and timely in her responses. I am in the hospitality industry and have to treat guests this way all the time. It was certainly nice to be treated this way myself! It made the chaos of the move so much easier from a mental standpoint! THANK YOU!
Larry wrote: Dear Jennifer, I want to extend my utmost gratitude for the care, professionalism, and passion you demonstrated during every step of my move. Your timely attention to detail, your communication, and your attitude made me feel that you were right there beside me from the beginning. As a Chaplain, I work alongside hundreds of diverse staff and I can easily identify those who bring excellence, integrity, and compassion to their work. I am confident you are one of those people.
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